At our Fuels Plant, we:
  1. Repackage Aviation fuels as well as Low Flash products such as Kerosene, Diesel, ULP, LAWS, IP.
  2. Blend Unleaded Racing Fuel.
  3. Store low flash products.

We currently do all the drumming for Air BP and Shell.
We are the only independent accredited aviation repackaging plant in Africa.

Why go with us:
  1. Plant is flame proof, intrinsically safe and is AirBP and Shell approved.
  2. Our warehouse is equipped with modern foam fire protection equipments.
  3. High speed and fully adjustable filling machines .
  4. Flexible staff and production hours to meet ship stack dates.
  5. No delays in despatch of finished product.
  6. Closed product and sampling recovery systems to prevent exposure of toxic gases.
  7. Product traceability of batches is done via our SAP system.
  8. Product dedicated tanks and filling machines to eliminate cross product contamination.
  9. Aviation Fuel is filtered down to 1 micron before filling into drums .
 10. We only use Hazchem approved transporters.  


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