At our Lubricants Plant, we offer:
  1. Customized toll blending solutions to your business locally, into Africa and internationally.
  2. A finished product that you can market under your own company brand and logo.

We currently offer Toll Blending services to the Multinationals (such as Shell, BP, Castrol, Total, Aegean, Lukoil, Sasol, BASF, Nulandis, Engen).

Our wide range of products include:
  1. Finished product - Blended, Filled and Packaged.
  2. Crop Spray Oils.
  3. Marine Oils.
  4. Industrial Oils.
  5. Automotive Oils.
  6. Speciality Grades.
  7. Greases into smaller packs (Repackaging Only).

Why go with us?
  1. We are an ISO 9001:2008 listed company.
  2. We only use Virgin-base stock and additives from approved suppliers.
  3. We measure ingredients by load cells, heat & mix by pump circulation and fill by mass.
  4. We participate annually in an international Global Lubricants Technology inter laboratory correlation program.
  5. Blended samples are retained for a year for traceability purposes.
  6. We supply a Certificate of Analysis of all grades blended at Blendrite.
  7. Blending tanks are Stainless Steel 304 quality, therefore wastage and tank washings are kept to a minimum.
  8. We heat using electrical heat exchangers that are powered by an energy efficient burner.
  9. Indoor loading and offloading of bulk road tankers.
 10. A combination of loadcell technology, pressure transducers as well as flow meters as means of measuring accurately and keeping stock systems        live.
 11. We can blend up to 3 million litres per month. Flexible batch sizes ranging from 1000L to 24000L.
 12. The base oil storage capacity in dedicated holding tanks is approximately 200000L.  


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